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Hey guys! [livejournal.com profile] blind_go  fics are up, so you know what that means... the traditional author guessing posts! For anyone new, this is how it works. Some authors put up posts for their own private guessing game- offering some kind of prize for correct guesses. It can be a fun way to get drabbles and stuff out of people. ^_~ The post should, obviously, be screened for comments so other players don't potentially give you away. That being said, guesses should not be confirmed or denied until the reveals, because that disqualifies them from guessing on the actual [livejournal.com profile] blind_go  post! Also, even though it's a tradition, not everybody does it, so you shouldn't feel pressured into making one if you don't want to. Prizes don't have to be writing, either. We've had people offer up icons, art, FST's, playlists, layouts... your imagination is the limit, yeah? :D

I don't know how many people were planning on putting up guessing posts, but should anyone be interested... this will serve as the gathering place for those posts. It's always useful when those things are in one place. ^_^ So if you have a post up for guessing that's not on the list here, just comment and it'll be added. :D

Also, don't forget to guess on the main post where the fics are. The deadline for guessing is October 3rd, 11:59 pm EST- you don't want to miss it! Comment! Guess! Love! ♥



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Blind Go Chat!
banner by [livejournal.com profile] blue_cage
I'll be hanging around chat this Friday night, Sept 9, from 8pm EST onwards!
(I wish I could start sooner, but that's the time I get home from work. ^^;)
But~! This weekend is pretty free, which means I'll be popping in and out of chat until Sunday. ^_^

And yes, that means there's less than two weeks to write your fic/s! Don't forget about the support thread for your flail, the mini-drabble post, and the free the bunnies post for people who need just the right idea to get started. Also, let's all get acquainted on the getting to know you meme! I think that covers all the links for now. ^_^ Happy ficcing~!

Non-chat Drabbles~

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 02:03 am
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Okay, now that ID's are out, the REAL procrastination begins! :D

So you guys know how we do drabbles in [info]blind_go chat sometimes? Well, we're going to do that in this post here so everyone can participate, not just the people that happen to be in chat at the time. As always, this includes readers and non-readers alike. Cool, right? :D

For anybody that's unfamiliar, here's how we play:
1. Somebody comments with a short prompt. Remember, this has to be written in a drabble, so prompts that are longer than the writing probably aren't a good idea. :P
2. The next person fills it! By definition, a drabble is 100 words, so that's what's required here. EXACTLY 100 words of fic. If you need one, this online word count comes highly recommended. (Also note, it's great for [info]blind_go fics, too!)
3. When you fill a prompt, make another thread with a prompt for the next person. And so on.
4. One drabble per prompt please! Also one prompt/drabble per comment thread, just to make reading easier for everyone.
5. Using [info]blind_go ID's (or your own made up one, if you're not writing this round) is allowed and encouraged. Of course, you can always stay signed in or just be an anonymouse as well. All are great options. :D
6. All comments to this post should be for drabble writing and prompting only. If people want to leave feedback or commentary, you can post it at the support thread. Enjoy and have fun!
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Oh hay, LJ changed their rich text toolbar thing. When did that happen?

*cough* Ahem.

Anyway. I've been kind of a failboat lately on the participationy stuff (apologies!), but here's one that I'm blatantly stealing from Qem that was posted a few years ago. We have a bunch of new people now, so this is a great opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves! Or re-introduce themselves, as it were. ^_^; And it totally gives us clues to help with guessing...

Read more... )

Free the Bunnies!

Friday, August 12th, 2011 11:12 pm
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Hey guys! I know ID's haven't gone out yet, but since we have a long sign up period this time and not so much time to write, I thought we'd get the ball rolling early with the participation-y stuff. This first one is the "Free the Bunnies" post. This is a place for everyone to post ideas that they'd like to see written. Have a bunny munching on your brain you just don't want to write? Don't have time/energy/the right muse? Or maybe something you've always wanted to see in fic, but haven't wanted to do it yourself? Well, tell us here! No pressure for anybody else to write it, just... set the bunny free in a field with its friends and see what happens. Maybe you'll provide a fabulous idea for someone for the challenge!

As always, [livejournal.com profile] kifu_archive  fun is open to readers and writers alike, and anon is allowed but not required. However, if you comment to a bunny with the intention of writing it for [livejournal.com profile] blind_go , please do so anonymously so that you can keep your identity secret for the challenge!

There will be more stuff for you guys and places for you to play, including a drabbly kind of thing and a round robin. Maybe we can get more bunnies flowing? :D Have fun and stay tuned!
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Hello, fellow Hikago fans! As you've probably seen, sign ups for round 12 of [livejournal.com profile] blind_go  have arrived, and you guys know what that means: lots and lots of flailing, starting now! For anyone new to our challenge here, this is the place we come to flail, cry, procrastinate, plot, ask and answer questions, and support each other.

Anonymouse is encouraged, especially if there could be clues to your fic, but obviously isn't required, and comments will be screened during the guessing period just in case.

Writers: Complaints about lack of progress, procrastinating, requests for ideas, and more are all awesome.

You guys are more than welcome to participate too! Leave your reassurances, fanfic ideas, and helpful random spam here.


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