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it's almost reveal time! ... which means SOMEONE needs to GUESS THE ID CHALLENGE!!!

=/ is it hard, did people miss the post, was it posted too late??? go ahead and guess!! *makes kitten eyes???*


Saturday, September 19th, 2009 11:39 pm
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Hello, people who finished their blind_go fics! (ie. people who are not me!)

Soooo, I was thinking that since it's so hard to guess who wrote what fics, and hardly anyone submits guesses, we should try to make it easier to guess!

I propose that any authors who want to can post a hint. The hints could be anything--a particular line from your blind_go fic that reveals your style, a cryptic remark, a riddle, your hair colour (?!), etc.  

I think it would make sense for authors to post their hints anonymously using their author IDs, and they could just post them as comments to this post (or a separate post, if need be). Of course, this would all be voluntary--any authors who didn't want to post a hint wouldn't have to! 

What do you all think?

(p.s. Yes, I did ask the mods if I could post this here!)


Monday, August 17th, 2009 03:47 pm
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Round 008 is underway (cliché list is here), which means it's time for flailing, procrastination, mashing of teeth, fun games, crypticness, fun... you know the drill.

Feel free to post anonymously if you want to avoid leaving any clues for guessing. (We'll also screen all the comments on this thread during the two week guessing period, just to be safe.)

Writers: Complaints about lack of progress, random spam while writing, requests for fanfic writing ideas are all welcome.

Readers: Please feel free to comment as well! Leave your reassurances, fanfic ideas, and more random spam here.

Let the mayhem and fun begin!! Enjoy. ♥
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Yup. You know the deal. Guess my ID and I'll write you a fic if you're right. Or if I just like your prompt!

round 8 fics; my fics

Comment here with your ID guess and prompt (so I can get started on them while we wait for the reveal).

All comments are screened.


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