Friday, March 13th, 2009 10:51 pm
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All right, in theory, fics are starting to be written... or thought about... or thought about being thought about... *coughs* And some might be thinking in all that thinking... wait, what should I be writing???

So!! Here we go, brainstorming! Writers AND readers, let's have 'em!!

First line suggestions!
Fic Ideas!
Pairings you've got a hankerin' for!
Situations you'd love to see???

Post anonymously, share some bunnies you've got that you don't want...

Let's get that fic mojo rollin'! ^_^

First line requests

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 02:26 pm
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This idea properly belongs to [ profile] murinae, who suggested that it might be nice to have a post where people suggest first lines or paragraphs for plot bunnies that just need a little help to get the momentum going.

If you have an idea or ideas that you really want to write but can't get started on, please leave it in a comment here. (You can be anonymous or sign with your ID if you wish.) Others can then comment with their suggestions for first lines or paragraphs. These ideas don't have to be specifically intended or used for [ profile] blind_go. Edit: If you're replying with a first line or paragraph, it's probably a good idea to sign your comment so that you can be credited properly later.

It probably goes without saying, but just for the record:

1. If you do end up using the first line or paragraph suggested by someone else in your [ profile] blind_go submission, please do remember to credit them after the reveal. (Email one of the mods, and we will be sure to edit the post to include your acknowledgments.)

2. Please don't reply to an idea by writing a complete fic in your comment. This post is not intended as a fic request thread.* (However, if you would really like to write something more extensive for someone else's idea, you can always make arrangements in the comments.)

* I can make a separate post for fic requests, if people want, or you can always utilize the support thread.


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