One week to go!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009 09:40 am
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One week from today is the guessing deadline, lovelies! This post is meant to encourage fic discussion, anonymice welcome! What do you like? Do you have a favorite fic? What do you think of your own fic, now that you've had some distance? Who do you intend to stalk after reveals?

Chat and be merry!


Saturday, October 11th, 2008 11:34 pm
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We survived! I'm coming off my semi-hiatus briefly to do the standard aftermath post! Both of my entries are up with author's notes here and (from both of us for the co-write!) here at [ profile] paradox_fantasy, the new writing comm shared by [ profile] doumeki, [ profile] umarekawareru and myself! We've been working really hard on it to launch in time for the reveal (check it out, for the header if for nothing else... oh Sith Lord Yeong-Ha).

EDIT: I've been told the second link doesn't work... it does, promise. Since the fic is smut, it's locked members only. Sorry!

Please feel free to post links to your aftermath posts on this entry, so they're organized and people can read them all ^_^.

Thanks everyone for a great round!

By the way, this was my first and last time writing smut... be grateful *lol*

Concrit Offer

Saturday, October 4th, 2008 11:27 pm
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All right. Apropos of nothing (and everything), I am doing a one-time-only service to the HnG community (well, specifically, the writers of the last BG round.) If you trust me as a beta-reader/editor/concrit provider, this is your chance. Sign up here with the URL of ONE and only one of your BG entries from this past round. [ETA: Please let me know if you want public or private crit, as some people may not wish to have fics dissected in public. For those of you requesting private crit, remember to give me your e-mail address after reveals.] You may wait until after reveals, or post now if you feel like it. This offer is valid until I say it isn't. Only people who have submitted a BG fic for Round Six may respond to this offer.

If you need references, here are some of the authors I have beta-ed (the ones I actually remember off the top of my head): [ profile] aishuu, [ profile] everysecondtues, [ profile] macey_muse, [ profile] ontogenesis, [ profile] readerofasaph, [ profile] thephoenixboy, [ profile] ungalad
I have also worked with or given input (if not actual beta) for: [ profile] chaineddove (Crossing Boundaries), [ profile] umarekawareru

As this is post-facto, I will not do line edits/grammar unless you specifically ask, in which case please e-mail me an updated version with your best effort before doing so. I know some fics were written down to the wire and not actually beta-ed; you can tell just by reading/skimming.

(Authors who I have beta-ed for or worked with, please feel free to give your honest opinion of my beta work. ^_^)
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in the interest of promoting/instigating (??) conversation about our lovely batch of fics, i've got honest fic reactions posted here for all 27 fics. if you are interested, i'd be happy if you read, and even moreso, commented and discussed and maybe reread some of the fics we've got here... who knows, maybe this will be interesting with guessing, too!

for whatever it's worth, enjoy! ♥
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lots of round... well, i thought i'd give a shout out and hopefully collect all the post-reveal roundup/discussion/rec/whatever posts, as we have in rounds past. ^_~ i'll edit the post like Ai so there will be links here for everything as people comment. *loves these post-reveal posts!*


[ profile] aishuu fic blather, concrit/honest reactions for all fics
[ profile] trixie_chick fic blather, recs
[ profile] ontogenesis Recs and crit in the comments.
[ profile] chaineddove fic with short blurb, open to comments asking for opinions
[ profile] macey_muse & [ profile] thephoenixboy guessing strategy
[ profile] thephoenixboy fic thoughts
[ profile] macey_muse fic thoughts
[ profile] doublehyphen fic blather, repost
[ profile] aiwritingfic fic thoughts and guessing strategies
[ profile] molly_commas fic blather and edited fic
[ profile] umarekawareru edited fic and fic thoughts

Aftermath Concrit

Sunday, May 25th, 2008 04:44 am
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This round, there seemed to be a pretty universal consensus on the [ profile] kifu_archive comments thread that concrit was a good thing - so I spent the better part of a couple days working on concrit for the entries. And I'm posting it now so people can see I am not being gentle with anyone - I haven't had a chance to check on who wrote what yet.

About Concrit )

Anyway, Concrit on the BG entries, along with my "aftermath" post. Please do NOT click if you don't want to hear concrit... I don't want anyone taking it the wrong way.


Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 12:49 pm
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I've just realized no one has posted a "reactions" thread - anon comments welcome. What did you like, didn't you like, and authors.... are you flailing yet?

Aftermath posts?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 11:02 pm
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As per tradition, let us bask in the enjoyment of each other's whinging. Ie, please comment here with links to your blind_go aftermath posts? :)  


Saturday, May 26th, 2007 12:01 pm
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If you have an aftermath post - about your fic, about guessing, about the round, whatever - post a link here, please?
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Who surprised you? Who didn't? What were your favorite fics out of this round? Also, what did you think of your own fics?

Share your thoughts here!
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Since many of the [ profile] blind_go authors seem to be writing meta posts about their fanfics, please leave a link here, so we can all go read!

Edit: While I'm at it, feel free to also post in this community with (1) late fanfics that didn't make the deadline, (2) fanfics you're writing as prizes for people who guessed you correctly, (3) fanfic ideas that you came up with while panicking over [ profile] blind_go but decided not to write.
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Now that the authors have been revealed, post your comments here!

Everything I wanted to say during Blind Go but couldn't for fear of giving my fic away...


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