Saturday, September 28th, 2013

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Hello! This is a bit late, but if anyone wants to play, here it is.

Comment to this post with which fic you think I wrote for BG and a prompt for a ficlet you'd like me to write you. If you are correct, I will write you something. If you aren't correct, but I like your prompt, I will probably write it for you anyway. ;p
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Hey guys! Looks like we have a few author guessing posts up, so you know what that means... here we have the gathering spot for all the posts! For anyone new, this is how it works. Some authors put up posts for their own private guessing game, either on their own personal journal or here on [ profile] kifu_archive- offering some kind of prize for correct guesses. It can be a fun way to get drabbles and stuff out of people. ^_~ The post should, obviously, be screened for comments so other players don't potentially give you away. That being said, guesses should not be confirmed or denied until after the reveals, because that disqualifies them from guessing on the actual [ profile] blind_go post! Also, even though it's a tradition, not everybody does it, so you shouldn't feel pressured into making one if you don't want to. Prizes don't have to be writing, either. We've had people offer up icons, art, FST's, playlists, layouts... your imagination is the limit, yeah? :D

I don't know how many people were planning on putting up guessing posts, but should anyone be interested... this will serve as the gathering place for those posts. It's always useful when those things are in one place. ^_^ So if you have a post up for guessing that's not on the list here, just comment and it'll be added. :D

Also, don't forget to guess on the main post where the fics are. The deadline for guessing is September 29th, 11:59 pm EST- TOMORROW- you don't want to miss it! Comment! Guess! Love! ♥



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