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Fics are UP!~ We all know that guessing is hard, even though this is just a mini round. SO. I thought you guys might still want to do a hint post. :D This post is for dropping hints! How does this work?

1. All comments should be anonymous!! We're talking hints, after all!
2a. Authors - leave LITTLE hints as to what you wrote! (See the "hints" tag for previous rounds for examples if you need them) Don't forget to check out the directory to find out your author ID so you can sign your anon comments with it. The signing part is kind of important to the whole guessing thing. ^_~
2b. Guessers - leave little hints to the writers you think you know... OR ask questions about the ones you REALLY can't pin down!
3. Don't just give it away, though!! For instance, something like "[This fic] really sounds similar to a fic in Round 4." Never "I think [blank] wrote [blank]."
4. Inappropriate comments will be deleted. My apologies in advance if that becomes necessary.

We want lots of guesses, so let's have some fun teasing each other with hints!

(Side note: Because of the quick nature of the mini-round, I'm not sure if anybody was planning to do guessing prize posts- let me know if you do, and I'll put up a gathering post, okay? :D)


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